Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Southern Highlands Conference



The vision of the Communication Department is to present a favorable image of the Church, its mission, and its life and activities, as well as to assist the Church in being an effective witness of the loving and saving grace of Jesus Christ. The Communication Department is committed to using many forms of communicative media/technology available to the Church today in sharing with the world the good news of salvation. Especially effective in accomplishing God’s mission are media organizations and evangelistic ministries, working in cooperation with pastors and laypersons. Activities of the department enable “Seventh-day Adventists to communicate hope by focusing on the quality of life that is complete in Christ.” Thus, the Church’s Communication Department fulfills a role in effectively promulgating the everlasting gospel and building bridges of hope.

Objective: to reach society, both within the Church and externally, with an open, responsible, and hope-filled communication program through the effective use of contemporary technologies and methods of communication.

Basic Functions:

* News and information
* Public relations
* Media relations and media productions
* Crisis communication
* On-line services
* Media Center