Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Southern Highlands Conference



The women’s Ministries Department! The Department that enables Women to work together as God’s chosen servants.

This ministry deals with the most influential members of the families, church, friends and neighbors, women. The devil has made it hard for the people to understand well the mission God has for women because he knows how much strength is hidden in this group, and that if they will be well equipped they can change the world upside down. The devil will not rest to see that happening and thus becoming a looser!

The objectives of this Ministry include letting all the women in the church understand their role in fulfilling gospel commission. They were made in God’s image for a purpose and wherever they may be women are peculiar and important to God as much as men. Every woman has been given a spiritual gift which can advance the cause very fast if put in use.

There are so many challenges which face women in their ministry to their Master, Lord Jesus Christ. Women need to remember that their Master, the Son of God faced even harder challenges than these, and He won the battle, and that victory is for us all, men and women.

Ladies! Let’s take time and do what God asks us to do. The challenges we face will make us even stronger to fight the temptations. In the end we shall hear that sweet voice telling us “well done good and faithful servant”.

The customs and traditions of most of our tribes have been of too great influence in some people’s minds to make them fail to understanding this ministry. Illiteracy in many women have kept them away from reading their Bibles and discovering by themselves what the Lord require from every believer (men and women).

Nevertheless, God’s people have been praying hard and the Lord has worked miracles. In some places where this hardness in understanding the Women Ministry was prevalent, this bondage is being loosened, and women are accepted to share their faith without any limitations.

Let’s keep on working for the Master we Love, praying for the people He died for and for the Ministry, and making use of every opened door of service, no matter how humble it may seem to be, remembering that the one who is faithful over a few things will be made ruler over many things.

God is calling us all women to strengthen seek His Kingdom first, and all His righteousness, then all these other things shall be added unto us. Let’s wake up and strengthen our personal devotion (prayers and Bible Study), and in that way we will be prepared to fit for this sacred ministry. Welcome.